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"It's not for me. It's for my spouse."

Just in the past couple weeks, I have had a few people say this to me. These were concerned partners asking about their loved ones.  Their partners are professionals in the health care field, in a first response role and in management in a long term facility.
How do we help the ones we love?  My single piece of advice for everyone is, if you do one thing and one thing only, recommend they see a professional mental health counsellor with a specialty in compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma.

Sharing the Message

Recently I held a Compassion Fatigue Information Session in Smiths Falls.  It was attended by 30 people from a great cross section of services.  Yes, I padded the numbers with a few family members, but they enjoyed the message also!
We had staff from health, childcare, youth services, Ontario Works, United Way, senior support services and education.  These people were very supportive about my message and certainly admitted to recognizing themselves and others with some of the stories I told, and the information I provided.

Upcoming events

I am excited to be participating in some exciting events in the next few months.  
I am hosting an information session in my community of Smiths Falls April 3, 2013.  If you are in the area and want to join us, please register by contacting me through our contact page on this site.  It is a general overview of the topic of Compassion Fatigue and what I, and others can provide to support people in the human services and in a care giving role.  This is also a chance to say thank you to my own community for what they do for my family and neighbours.

To Give is to Receive

I used capitals in the title because both are outstanding acts and one is not present without the other in a big way, especially this time of year.
I always try to give (which means I receive because we are all connected, right?) to causes which peak my interest.  There are so many causes and every little bit helps.  Whether we give our time, our resources or our money, it counts.
My life's work is in service so I choose the charities I give my money to, very carefully. 
These are some I have found to be interesting and creative because I think it is more important to empower others with tools and resources.

Media coverage of the issues

I have just watched a piece on George Stromboulopoulos with an interview withPaul Franklin, retired member of the military who lost his legs due to an explosion while serving in Afghanistan.  He spoke of the issues regarding veterans and post traumatic stress disorder, which is great but he also spoke of his ex-wife whom he said has secondary post traumatic stress disorder as a result of what they went through!!  Though this must be a terrible situation, it was good to hear the use of the term and the effect of the trauma on the families.

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