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Self care, self care, self care

I have read many books about care for the helper, people working in trauma, addiction workers therapists, front line staff of support agencies and so on.  There is a common theme in all of the readings about how a person can continue to do the work they are doing and handle the stress of the job. 
For those of us in these areas of work, we know this.  My experience is, we know it, we encourage it for others, but when it comes to putting something in place for ourselves...not so good. Am I right?
Now what I know, is the difference it has meant to me personally. There is a reason yoga has been around for 6000 years or so.  It works.  We have all read about the benefits of some daily exercise.  Now I feel the benefits.  I am taking vitamins and other supplements.  I figure I can take a handful of pills for prevention now or a handful for treatment later!
Don't take this the wrong way, I am far from getting it all right, all the time.  Some days I don't do anything but eat doughnuts.  Some days my my only exercise is lifting a beer bottle or a tall glass of wine up to my mouth.  I have said I am more compassionate, not perfect!!
The one thing I do better than I ever did, is forgive myself.  I try to have a strong self care plan in place, but sometimes I want to be lazy and grumpy and eat chips.
I believe everything in moderation is okay for me.  I want to remember to treat others with compassion no matter what their struggles and burdens.  Now you know some of mine and I hope you will be compassionate with me.

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professional essay writng services on July-15-17 1:08 AM
We can get more tips with this compassionforyou blog about people working in trauma continue to do the work. Some days my exercise is lifting more compassionate not perfect,keep sharing.
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Deadpool Jacket - movie on August-01-18 12:50 AM
there are many agencies who support poor people and they really care about there workers my wish is that all the people in the world became just like them Thank You.
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Sarah Frantz on August-29-18 8:22 AM
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