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I am going to add links here to videos that may give you some helpful info and insight. Humans of New York Project, everyone has a story and everyone wants to be seen Making the Connection/Veganism

Bird Murmuration, very cool

funny and thought provoking from SoulPancake

A better start to each day.

Every day starts with us having our first conscious thoughts.  Have you paid attention to what yours are?  I have made a concerted effort in the past months to pay very close attention to what pops into my mind as I become awake.  When I started trying to remember what the first thoughts were, I noticed they were of how I didn't want to get up yet as my start was usually from an alarm.  My next thoughts were the negotiations.  "If I snooze for 10 minutes, I will do less exercise.

Happy New Year!!!

2013 is the year for lots of changes.  Of course, when you make plans, the Universe often has a different idea of what they may be!!  I am ready for some big changes and also ready for whatever the Universe may have in store.  2012 was a very interesting year and as I reflect, also a year of many changes.  Maybe every year is a year for big changes and I have never stopped long enough to reflect on that fact. 
I consider myself to be very blessed with a wonderful family and friends.

New workshops with Soul Stations

What is a Soul Station??  These are short interactive activities I have created as part of my workshops.  We did some of these at my last workshop and they seemed to be a big hit.  The inspiration for these activities was Soul Pancake and the activities their team creates on the streets of LA.  Check it!
Tony Robbins says to be really inspired to change you must change your state.  That means you must move in a different way.  Workshops usually consist of a speaker, a projector, power point slides and little movement.

To Give is to Receive

I used capitals in the title because both are outstanding acts and one is not present without the other in a big way, especially this time of year.
I always try to give (which means I receive because we are all connected, right?) to causes which peak my interest.  There are so many causes and every little bit helps.  Whether we give our time, our resources or our money, it counts.
My life's work is in service so I choose the charities I give my money to, very carefully. 
These are some I have found to be interesting and creative because I think it is more important to empower others with tools and resources.

I know of what I speak...Ontario Works and Compassion Fatigue

If you have been a caseworker, clerk, supervisor, manager, employment worker in Ontario Works for more than say, 10 years, you have probably suffered one or many of the symptoms of Compassion Fatigue.  I am almost 22 years in and I have had many symptoms.
I am going to be so bold to say that if you have not suffered (or don't believe you have) one or more of the symptoms, you have probably suffered from health issues and there may be a lack of self awareness about the impact of your job on your person, and your psyche.

Soul work 2

I know there is a lot of stuff out there about doing soul work.  I have to say it is an ongoing journey for me to even try and define soul.  I struggle with a definition for spirituality.  I also know there are many, many teachers about soul work and I have read many of there books.  I love that stuff!!  I find Eckhart Tolle a little difficult for me, but I like his videos and interviews.  Same with Deepak Choprah.  I love his video about inspiration.  I also love his interview with Rainn Wilson (Dwight, from The Office).

Still so much to learn!

I cannot believe it has been a few month since I wrote on my blog!!  Yet, I am not surprised since so much has happened over the past few months.
I had to go to Australia for three weeks for a family emergency in May.  It was such a gift to be able to be with my brother and his family during a difficult time.  I didn't see much of the country but I spent some valuable time with my brother, his wife and their children. 
I had never travelled so far on my own and that in itself was an experience.

Media coverage of the issues

I have just watched a piece on George Stromboulopoulos with an interview withPaul Franklin, retired member of the military who lost his legs due to an explosion while serving in Afghanistan.  He spoke of the issues regarding veterans and post traumatic stress disorder, which is great but he also spoke of his ex-wife whom he said has secondary post traumatic stress disorder as a result of what they went through!!  Though this must be a terrible situation, it was good to hear the use of the term and the effect of the trauma on the families.


This last month has been a real learning time for me about me.  I seem to be getting to 10 on my own CF scale quicker and more often.  Yet, I have learned so much about my triggers and tools to help me calm and refuel myself in the last year or so.  How can that be?
I have mentioned before about my righteous voice and how I have to keep it in check.  My latest discovery is my inability to suppress my opinions about injustice, inequity and intolerance.
I have an incredible support system.

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