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We cannot do this, or anything really, alone.
If you spent some time in Getting Started you have raised your awareness about where the stressful parts of your day, week, and month are.  You are now looking for the events or possibly people who make you feel anxious and less in control.  All we talked about was awareness to find these stressful events a this point.

Since you may now identify a couple of areas you want to change, now is the time to find the support to create change.  This support can come from a book, a friend, a co-worker, a counsellor, or possibly a spouse or supervisor.
Talk about it.  "I find I get really stressed when...".  Write this out or discuss with another person or even find books about stress and getting better control of your emotions and anxiety.  Stress is described as the symptom, not the problem, so we need to try and identify the problem which creates the stress.  easier said than done, I know.
IE:  "I find I get really stressed and anxious before my 9 am appointment."  Is is possible your day starts at 9 so you are rushed?  Is it possible to start your day at 830; to move your first appointment to 915 or 930?  I know this seems simple and obvious, but until I really broke it down and changed what I could, my appointment times and the days I saw people caused me to be overwhelmed several times during the week.  I couldn't change everything, because others made my appointments, but I could change some things and that made me feel more in control. This helped me prepare myself mentally for my appointments, which were always with people in crisis, so it was extremely important I was not as stressed as they were!! 
I discussed this with my co-workers and my supervisor so it was clear what I wanted to do and why.  They could tell my how it might impact them doing their job.  People were very supportive and even considered changes for themselves.  Win Win.

I also believe we have to do the work on ourselves to better understand how we got to the place we are in.  I have said this many times.  I have been telling others for 30 years to seek counselling.  I knew it was important and useful.  I know many people who have benefited from counselling and I know many skilled counsellors.  I just didn't think it could benefit me.  Wrong.
It was one of, if not the most important step I have taken for real self care.  The cost was not covered by my employee benefits.  I believe I am worth the investment. I try to see Robin a few times a year.  Just knowing she will see me to talk about me, for me, feels extremely supportive.  Find your own Robin.  Seriously, it is life changing.
Tell others you are trying new things to reduce your anxiety.  Ask what others are doing to manage crazy work days and mounds of overdue work.  Search out and talk to people you think manage well.  It has been said, what you focus on will expand.  When you are considering a purchase, such as a kayak, which I have recently purchased and love, you start to see them everywhere.  Every time you mention it, someone has a story or advice about it.  It is the same with self care.  When you focus on it you will find the tools and resources and others will tell you their stories as well and share their resources.  If you find yourself talking to people who only talk about their drama and crisis and inability to manage and don't see how they can change, move on.  Being with them will only increase your anxiety.  You want to find others who are managing or at least seeking change as you are.

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