Compassion For You - Compassion Fatigue information and support

Where do we start?
"What do I want to be different?"
It is most helpful to get very specific about what areas of our life need to change and what it is we are doing that creates the frustration and stress we may be suffering from.
The important part is to keep asking about "I".  The only person we can change is ourselves and I promise, if you change yourself, the world around you will change.

 Every time I meet my 9 am appointment I feel rushed and frustrated.
When I pick up my kids and they start telling me what they will be doing for the evening I get angry.
I am always anxious before supervision with my boss. 
I dread going to the lunch room every day to sit with co-workers.
If one more person tells me to calm down or take a bath, I'm going to scream.
I hate staff meetings.  I feel invisible.
This is an exercise to help you identify specific stressful points in your day or week.  When we look back at these, it may help us see how we might change small parts of our day to reduce the frustration.  There are some things we cannot change. There are still many others we can; appointment times; how we choose to perceive information; where we go during our breaks; find tools to improve our communication skills so we feel heard.  
Let me know if you find this helpful. This is how I started to change when I recognized my own symptoms of compassion fatigue, once I had the right words and resources to help me move forward.
"We are where we are, because we put ourselves there."

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