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If we have learned anything in this past year, it is that nothing will be the same going forward.  Compassion and support for each other is growing.  Whether you are a person with a disability, a woman, a person from our Indigenous community, first responder, child care provider, manager, teacher, social worker, etc.  We need each other to do what we do best.  Now, more than ever we are making this personal.

Are we starting to really understand our connectedness?  Finally?
How does this apply in the supportive field of compassion fatigue?  We need, we must ask for what we want.  If I need different hours, a different caseload, a different clientele, more time, more resources etc, we must ask for and receive what we need to go forward.  We are looking at a generation of burnt out professionals who are training the next generation of workers and the cynicism, disrespect and stress levels are unsustainable for anyone.
I recently worked in a school for several weeks and was totally amazed at what is getting done, and what is not getting done.  The demand for documentation, follow up, community involvement, replacement staff, monitoring of absences for students and staff can hardly be managed by the staff with the current stress levels.  Daily, it was obvious the overwhelm many people were felling regularly, including myself for the short period of time I was working there.  This experience just confirmed my resolve to provide support services to more human service providers where and when they want and need it.

The employee assistance programs and other internal supports don't have the resources in place in all agencies.  Staff often want to talk to someone or use resources outside of their employment.  Therefore, it has to be affordable and accessible.  
I found my services changed direction in 2017.  I found my support was needed on a more one on one basis.  Professionals and agencies want someone now, they want someone to research resources for them, they want shared experiences and they want to implement something now with ongoing support.
I also believe this is occurring because people are finding their limits and their voices.  I always say, ask for what you want and be willing to negotiate and fight for what you need.
I look forward to providing more support to individuals and agencies

I am always ready to provide workshops and personal support and resources about Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma and burnout. Please contact me at 

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