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What is really holding you back?

Do you have a long list of things you want to do and can never seem to get done?  
Changes you have committed to making, yet don't make them?  Those many New Year's resolutions?
Some of mine;
-giving blood regularly
-register to donate organs if I die
-organize my income tax papers better
-get more quinoa in my diet
- more exercise
-quit biting/picking my nails 

Yes, some of these things have been on my list a very long time and some of them have been on my list more than once!
I have made many positive changes in the last few years.  It is not easy.  It is a decision every day, actually every moment of every day, to commit to myself.  I try to remember, 
I really try not to give up totally if I slip up.  I keep trying to make small, small changes that can make a big difference over a longer period of time.
Some of us need a buddy and some of us are better alone.
One of the things I find helpful that I read about in one of them any books about self improvement is to make a list regularly of what you do well.  Some do a gratitude journal or a weekly list of what went well.  I've spent years looking or thinking about the list of what I haven't done or changed.  It is a mind shift if we change our focus to what we are doing well.  When I felt better about what I was doing, it seemed to be easier to implement more changes because I spent time remembering there are lots of things I have done well for me and my family.
Try it.  
Have you;
quit/reduced amount of drinking wine after work (or before)
starting walking 
kept to one coffee in the morning
shopped less
cooked more
started getting to work/appts on time
organized a closet
started meditating
stopped procrastinating

Sometimes quitting or reducing is as important as starting, depending what it is.  Take stock of your successes.  I bet there are more than you think.  I learned about leaning in to change from Kathy Freston, vegan, author, speaker.  I try to apply it to whatever change I try to make.  I don't believe it has to be all or nothing.  Some is okay too.


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